The Wine Crasher... No ticket, no invitation, no problem.
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Bad Boy restaurateur Alex Terranova knows nothing about wine. But he wants to learn. As the self-proclaimed Wine Crasher, Alex sets out on a path of self education. He craves knowledge that will make him smarter about wine, not to mention, irresistible to women. He wants to know more than "red or white" when it comes to bringing wine to a dinner party.

Alex will not hesitate to catch a plane, board a bus, or hop a train and then climb a fence, jump on a boat, or shimmy in a window to crash a wine event. He won't always be successful - but, he will be entertaining. Alex is on a mission; nothing will stop him from becoming a wine expert, his own way.

There are over 7,000 wineries in the U.S. and there's one in EVERY state. But, Alex will crash a neighborhood block party, if that's all he can find.

This is only the beginning. California is where we start.

The quest begins..."No ticket, no invitation, no problem."

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